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What did you expect?

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I did a lot of stuff this week. It probably wasn’t necessarily more or less than I normally do. But it was still a lot.
BUT today is the day of the week when that changes! Its Friday. Lots of people mark the end of their work week today. It’s the start of the weekend!

Not for me. From Friday morning through Monday midday is the busiest portion of my week. And I love it. Not because I enjoy the busyness either.
I setup all the video/slideshow type stuff for my church. Most of that info comes to me on Thursday or Friday. So Friday is the day to get that stuff squared away. And then I go to work… til like 1-2 o’clock in the morning.

So Saturday comes around (I think. Did we have a Saturday last time? I can’t remember). I wake up, check my email, etc to make sure there are no changes to the stuff I did Friday. Once I accommodate those, its time for work again… til like 1-2 o’clock in the morning.

And here – right in the middle of my crazy weekend – is my favorite spot in the whole week. I pack up my computer and pick out clothes for Sunday. I grab my trusty iPhone and hit the showers! Yep. Me and the iPhone in the shower. Pandora Radio gets turned up, and I take a LONG shower. And I totally stop. Dead. Stop.
The hot water washes rational, critical thinking out of my head. The music fills the void. And I live for those minutes, on pure audio sensory. The drum becomes my heartbeat, the guitar becomes my gut, the bass becomes the momentum that makes me function, and the vocals become my conscious thought.

By the time I run out of hot water, any inkling of Monday through Friday has disintegrated. I’m excited that its now 3 am (if I’m lucky) and my alarm is going to go off in about 3 hours. My phone is still playing. It gets plugged into my stereo system, and my bedroom fills with melody. I lay in bed listening, singing, praying, and amazed at a Creator.

My Sundays are always awesome.

What did you expect?
If you have low expectations, you’ll only be looking at lowly things. Expecting gloriousness, looks for glory.


Life is like an attic

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My attic is full of stuff I don’t need. And it’s there because I’m scared to throw it away. There’s stuff that really has no business being in there that has found a piece of prime real estate – and it’s in the way. I tried moving it. But it found it’s way back. I can’t get rid of it, because I’ll need it soon, right? I’ll just have to try to avoid it.
It also seems like that the stuff that should be in my attic is never convenient. That’s probably because the stuff that shouldn’t be there is in the way. Not only that, but the REALLY good stuff that I want is in the tightest spaces. It’s nearly impossible to reach, it’s always so far away, and (worst of all) it’s dangerous to go there.
If I miscalculate just a little, there is a panel of spikes to attack me and tell me everything I’ve done wrong. If I mis-step, I’ll land on someone’s airflow and lose someone dear to me. If that wasn’t bad enough, this whole thing could giveaway, and I’ll fall – destroying everything I’ve worked for…

Are we still talking about attics?

I once had a daydream about retrofitting my attic. I thought I setup a projector screen all the way on one side. And build a platform on the other. Then I’d just stick a couch up there, and BOOM! perfect movie theatre! Then I realized all those posts would block my view (and why are they all on funky angles too?). So I thought, “Simple, I’ll just remove a few”. No biggie. There’s plenty of them. And it’d be a small price to pay to completely makeover my attic. (cuz we’re still talking about attics)
Turns out those posts are there to hold my roof up. I like my roof. I don’t think about it too much, but I definitely like it. And those funky angles are actually designed that way to distribute weight and maximize wind resistance. So I’ve named my funky angles Morals and Values. They still get in the way though. But I’ve built my whole life around funky angles. And they make up a lot of the things that make me, ME.

So it turns out there’s a reason why I don’t have a movie theatre in my attic. I’d be way cooler with one though. It’d be easier to reach stuff too. But my attic is the way it is because it’s been DESIGNED that way. I think it just needs to be cleaned

I haven’t been talking about attics.

Stereo Hands

I’ve chosen a thesis of sorts, which is Matthew 6:3 – “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” Thus “Stereo Hands”. I am an audiophile. So for me stereo means 2 separate sound sources broadcasting into the same physical area (example: the stereo in your car. 2 speakers, pointed into the same space). Both sources affect the same environment. They compliment each other. But if you get into the mechanics of it, neither speaker knows what the other is doing. Yet each trusts that the other is producing great music so that you can drive down the road looking like an idiot. (yeah, I saw you)

What’s really cool about that verse is what’s around it (…in the Bible, not in the previous paragraph… duh). I didn’t pick it to say that I am doing great things for people and that you should know about it. The verses around that actually discourage that. Here’s the whole section. It has 3 main points: Love people, help people, pray for people.

Those are goals that I have felt compelled to do for some time now (I finally found scripture to back it up! Which is awesome). I found I can’t do any one of those things well without doing the other 2 also. How can I pray sincerely for someone if I don’t love them? How can pray for someone if I’m not also willing to help them physically?

Stereo Hands