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Seriously. I’m not serious. Pipe Dreams.

Stereo Hands.

There are quite a few aspects of life where Stereo Hands help out. Alot.

One of them is being serious. And totally not serious. Seriously. Haha.

I am a planner. I plan stuff a year in advance sometimes. And not just “Oh yeah, I’m going to do that next year.” Its more like “I am going to do that next year. And here are the clothes I’m going to wear. And I will need to get gas before I leave. And I will need to exactly 7 screws, 1 3/4” long, #6 hexagon head, drywall drive, galvanized (and the hardware doesn’t carry them, so I’ll be ordering them online). That kind of planning. That’s serious.

But there’s a certain someone who thinks its amusing to mess up my plans. Thats why my plan is serious. But as soon as its created, I make it into a big joke. I don’t care if I immediately throw it away. A bunch of work down the toilet. I just ran audio for an event. This is my 2nd year running this event and I remembered to equipment inventory pretty well. So as soon as they called this year (and by “as soon as”, I mean as soon as the she hung up the phone) I started mapping out my paperwork on how the audio system would be put together. In fact, I did it twice (correction: I saved 2 different system designs. I really threw out a couple that I didn’t think would work). One of the designs was pretty similar to what I did last year, and very realistic. The second, was totally extravagant. I dreamed up gear I wished they would bring, etc. Pretty serious, huh? Pipe dreams.

Well as I started unloading the gear it all looked fine. I mentally checked it off, and was content using my “realistic” design. Pipe dreams. The more gear I hooked up, the more I found to be broken. I had used all this gear a year before. But it had been neglected and abused. Thus broken stuff. For a few moments, I tried to salvage my plan and fix the equipment and turn around my situation. Pipe dreams. I to totally setup off the cuff. It was stressful. But the only person who really knew my troubles was me. I decided my plan wasn’t that serious.

Click this link. Its not dangerous. I promise.


Toss me

I have a very short time to do the things on my plate. I have long-term deadlines, mid-term deadlines, short-term deadlines, immediate deadlines, yesterday deadlines, “oh didn’t I tell you I needed…”-deadlines. Not only do I have deadlines that are on the clock, but I have physical deadlines (eg: my body is only gonna wake up at 4am and work til 1am, without sleep for so many years). God has given me only a few days on this earth (look it up. I’ll make it convenient: here, and here).

My body is disposable. Yep, one-time-use. Like a napkin. I don’t try to save napkins. I dirty them up, rip them and toss them. I don’t feel bad about it. I might feel bad about throwing a way a new napkin though. But they have been created to be used! So have I!

I am not here for 70-80 years just to die. My body will die. My legacy will die. So I should use it and abuse it while it is still here. I would like to die because I put my body through so much crap spreading the the Love of Jesus (if you don’t know what that is, read the last paragraph). A guy named Paul said it well: “here“. My spirit is designed to praise Him.

I have deadlines. But only one really counts.

I have a ton of work to do. But only one job.

My spirit is designed to praise Him.

My body is designed to be destroyed for His deadline.