Toss me

I have a very short time to do the things on my plate. I have long-term deadlines, mid-term deadlines, short-term deadlines, immediate deadlines, yesterday deadlines, “oh didn’t I tell you I needed…”-deadlines. Not only do I have deadlines that are on the clock, but I have physical deadlines (eg: my body is only gonna wake up at 4am and work til 1am, without sleep for so many years). God has given me only a few days on this earth (look it up. I’ll make it convenient: here, and here).

My body is disposable. Yep, one-time-use. Like a napkin. I don’t try to save napkins. I dirty them up, rip them and toss them. I don’t feel bad about it. I might feel bad about throwing a way a new napkin though. But they have been created to be used! So have I!

I am not here for 70-80 years just to die. My body will die. My legacy will die. So I should use it and abuse it while it is still here. I would like to die because I put my body through so much crap spreading the the Love of Jesus (if you don’t know what that is, read the last paragraph). A guy named Paul said it well: “here“. My spirit is designed to praise Him.

I have deadlines. But only one really counts.

I have a ton of work to do. But only one job.

My spirit is designed to praise Him.

My body is designed to be destroyed for His deadline.

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