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I’m ready. Send me.

Ever say that? Ever meant it?

I have. I’ve said it and not meant it. But over the last 6 months I’ve said it more often than usual. And I’ve meant it every time.


“Oh. Thats good. So do I… so do I. Why wouldn’t I mean it?”


No. I mean it like this.

By ready, I mean: I’m mentally ready. I’ve thought thru what it might mean to be sent. And I’m OK with that.

By ready, I mean: I’m ready physically: The tools of my trade are packed. The gifts and talents God has given are ready and honed.

I’ve actually contemplated which things I’d take when I get sent. And how long it would take to pack them.

By ready, I mean: I’m ready to be sent even without those things.


Meanwhile, my life is vamping until the big entrance (or exit – as it may be).


Is 6:8, Jer 1:6-8, Mat 4:19, Jo 20:21, 1Cor 1:17-18