If you were ready…

You’re not ready.

I can tell. If you were, you wouldn’t be looking around like you had never been here before. You’d be less worried about that piece of paper and more worried about what you can’t see. If you were ready, you’d already be moving. You’d be pacing, jumping, yelling. You didn’t walk in here ready. Since you’re not ready, you’re going to be left behind. This is going somewhere. There isn’t time for you to get ready. You knew this day was coming. Now its here. And you wonder why you aren’t moving.

You will have plenty of comments about why you weren’t ready. You’ll also comment on how all this is moving in the wrong direction. And you’ll rationalize into a conclusion that it is right of you to stay there. Standing. Distracted. Confused. Stagnant. Holding. Dead.


The band is taking the stage.

The screen is filling up.

There’s a cloud in the East.


I was ready when I walked in. If you weren’t, you can watch me go. I will jump higher. I will go faster. I will rise.

I will because I’m ready. I have been. I started getting ready last week, 24 hours ago, 20-some years ago.

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